After Nightfall By A.J. Banner (Lake Union Publishing)

Utter suspense that created a trail of question marks in my notebook. What did I just read? And, that ending. This was my first, definitely won’t be my last, A.J. Banner book and I could not get enough of it. Where do I begin? The cover, setting, the death, and those characters….I cannot type enough about this book, it was simply breathtaking.

I liked how you knew what happened right away because then you has the rest of the book to answer the major question. I felt the ocean breeze of the Pacific Northwest, felt the sheer horror of finding the body, and felt my heart race to ending to answer, who killed Lauren?

The descriptive, well-developed, and shockingly fantastic takes the reader on a wild ride. There are various characters in this book and so I wrote a list to keep everyone in order, but what made the story better was that each character created an additional suspect. Like for real, you could not point your finger at one person without questioning the next. Bravo A.J. Banner on writing a suspenseful thriller that had me DMing you via Intagram freaking about the ending.

Thank you Kathleen Carter Communications and Lake Union Publishing for the gifted review copy.



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