Our Prince of Scribes: Edited By Nicole Seitz (Editor, Contributor), Jonathan Haupt

Book Conroy

This book is a special ode an author that brought inspiration, richness, and a wide variety of relationships to the literary world. It was extremely fascinating to enter the world of author Pat Conroy in such a unique way. The book itself was almost like reading an obituary in book form based on the variety of voices brought to life and each had a unique perspective and experience of this interesting man.

The foreword written by Barbra Streisand was notable to me.

“Pat Conroy was a force for good in our world. With courage and grace, he brought the gifts of the devastating beauty of his writing and his transcendent vision of the human heart to the lives of the readers he touched and the writers he inspired”.

I found that quotation to be ever so beautiful and appreciate the profound impact one man had on so many people. It’s rich and fascinating to read about the imprint he had on so many lives. He wasn’t perfect, he was complex and you can see this in all the various relationships he had. There are many sides to Pat Conroy and this book doesn’t disappoint in showing them.

Another section that interested me was written by New York Times Bestseller, Sandra Brown. It’s titled, To Know the Author and the Man. She discusses the day she met him and how it was the day, she lost his heart to him. Then she discusses how she met Pat’s wife at a book signing year’s later and she tells Sandra that Pat says hello and remembers meeting her years earlier. She also discusses a few interesting stories, dialogue, and ended with an affectionate reunion at a book fair years later. She discuses the unmatched legacy left by Pat Conroy and I found it to be endearing. His impact is summed up very well in her last sentence, ” For having known Pat Conroy, the author and the man, my life was blessed.”


Much Love was written into this book, listed below are the contributors:

Cassandra King Conroy (Afterword), Barbra Streisand (Foreword), Dottie Ashley (Contributor), William A. Balk Jr. (Contributor), Rick Bragg(Contributor), Sonny Brewer (Contributor), Sandra Brown (Contributor), Jonathan Carroll (Contributor), Ryder Carroll (Contributor), Mark Childress (Contributor), Katherine Clark (Contributor), John Connor Cleveland (Contributor), Melissa Conroy (Contributor), Tim Conroy(Contributor), Debbi Covington (Contributor), Nathalie Dupree(Contributor), Walter Edgar (Contributor), Stephanie Austin Edwards(Contributor), Margaret Evans (Contributor), Nikky Finney (Contributor), Connie May Fowler (Contributor), Jonathan Galassi (Contributor), Judy Goldman (Contributor), Scott Graber (Contributor), Cliff Graubart(Contributor), Cynthia Graubart (Contributor), Anthony Grooms(Contributor), Alexia Helsley (Contributor), Patti Callahan Henry(Contributor), Mary Hood (Contributor), Josephine Humphreys(Contributor), Janis Ian (Contributor), Terry Kay (Contributor), John Lane(Contributor), David Lauderdale (Contributor), Ellen Malphrus(Contributor), Andy Marlette (Contributor), Bren McClain (Contributor), Teresa Miller  (Contributor), Wendell Minor (Contributor), Mary Alice Monroe  (Contributor), Michael Morris (Contributor), Kathy L. Murphy(Contributor), Michael O’Keefe (Contributor), Steve Oney (Contributor), Kathleen Parker (Contributor), Mark Powell (Contributor), Ron Rash(Contributor), Sallie Ann Robinson (Contributor), Lawrence S. Rowland(Contributor), Jonathan Sanchez (Contributor), Alex Sanders(Contributor), Valerie Sayers (Contributor), Sean Scapellato(Contributor), Bernie Schein (Contributor), Maggie Schein (Contributor), Lynn Seldon (Contributor), Catherine Seltzer (Contributor), Anne Rivers Siddons (Contributor), George Singleton (Contributor), William Walsh(Contributor), John Warley (Contributor), Ashley Warlick (Contributor), Teresa K. Weaver (Contributor), Marjory Wentworth (Contributor)


Thank you Suzy Approved Book Tours and University of Georgia Press for a gifted copy of this book to enjoy.

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