Book Blogging Opportunity: Thank you Tall Poppy Writers

Received my email today and I am apart of the Tall Poppy Blogger Team!!

There are so many amazing books releasing this Spring, Summer, and a few titles are popping up for Fall as well.



Spring 2019 Titles:

Susan Gloss The Curiosities 2/5/19
Jessica Strawser Forget You Know Me 2/5/2019
Amy Impellizzeri Why We Lie 3/5/2019
Emily Carpenter Until the Day I Die 3/12/2019
Susan Meissner The Last Year of the War 3/19/19
Tif Marcelo The Key to Happily Ever After 4/23/2019
Camille Pagán I’m Fine and Neither Are You 4/1/2019
Kelly Harms The Overdue Life of Amy Byler 5/1/2019
Kristy Harvey The Southern Side of Paradise 5/7/2019
Sonali Dev Pride, Prejudice, and Other Flavors 5/7/2019



Summer 2019 Titles:

Katie Pryal The Freelance Academic: Transform Your Creative Life and Career 6/3/2019
Patti Callahan Henry The Favorite Daughter 6/4/2019
Lisa Barr The Unbreakables 6/4/2019
Heather Webb Meet Me in Monaco 7/15/19


Fall 2019 Titles:

Tall Poppy Fall Titles of 2019

Janie Chang Wandering Star (working title) 9/14/2019
Kelly Simmons Where She Went 10/1/2019
Heather Webb Ribbons of Scarlet 10/3/2019

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