Husbands and Other Sharp Objects: A Novel By Marilyn Simon Rothstein


Fear is my “sharp object” and it has become duller with age and time like a knife. I fear disappointing others, failing my children, being judged by others, not being good enough and the list goes on. We all appear to have a sharp object in our lives and there maybe more than one.

Life throws plenty of sharp objects our way and the obstacle is how we handle them. This book displays a sense of humor and grace on how we can overcome and cope with these sharp objects. Marilyn created a character that you can cheer for, even when all odds were against her including herself. That’s what it sometimes is the case, us against ourselves.

I adored Marcy and she is definitely memorable after reading this book. Isn’t that the point, a memorable character? She was a breathe of fresh air and was brought to life in a way that made me, as the reader laugh, reflect, and wanting to continue discussing her. I appreciated her fears, the real everyday obstacles, and how you cheered on for her as you read the book. I give her a lot of credit on how she began to grow through out the book and attempted to stay to her true self despite what others wanted her to be. This is what made the book click with me, it felt so real and I definitely learned from it.

My goal is to dull the sharpness of my own “sharp objects” and obtain healthy ways of overcoming them. Fear can be very painful and take away the joys that life can offer. Marcy sparked a lot of thoughts in my mind and I appreciated taking this away from a book.  “And trying to make everyone happy might prove to be impossible—because in the end, Marcy alone must make a choice between something old and something new.” (Quote from

Thank you Suzy Approved Book Tours for having me be apart of this book tour and Marilyn Simon Rothstein for writing a funny, thoughtful and perceptive book with memorable characters. I appreciated receiving a gifted copy of this book to review and obviously enjoy!!

Thank you Lake Union Publishing.

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