The Wartime Sisters By Lynda Cohen Loigman

World War II is the backdrop to a book where the war was fought at home as well. A set of estranged sisters fighting their own demons was a very endearing and raw read. The sisters were so different but beneath the layers, they are more alike than they assumed to be and that is what made the book so compelling.

Lynda does an amazing job with the character development, creation of a seamless timeline, juggling between points of view, and addressing various topics of the time period she embraced. As a reader, I felt connected to the characters she created and it was interesting to see how the entire picture panned out. The story between the sisters was endearing and very real, you became enticed by their story and you wanted to know more. The surrounding characters created a tight knit cast and provided richness and a genuine view of what life was like and how the war front went beyond the battle fields.

I appreciated how the book was written, its structure and the richness of its characters. There was the flair of history intertwined with a set of strong characters surrounded by a well-developed supporting cast that shed light on multiple topics and issues of their time. I recommend this book because it had memorable characters, a historical flair, and the sense of sisterhood presented in the book itself.



Thank you Kathleen Carter Communications and St. Martin’s Press for a gifted copy of this book to enjoy early.

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